Watch below to hear how you can improve – Personally and in Business. Get a new perspective from an expert sounding board with a free Workshop. I will act as your Sounding Board, Motivator and Partner and focus you on what you really want.

The first step after our initial contact is a short consultation followed by a FREE personal workshop, which is one-on-one, in person.

I require NO MONEY before we have done the FREE personal workshop. This enables you to see for yourself how my services will benefit you, enabling you to make a well-informed decision based on real experience, not the testimony of others. Request the free workshop now or scroll down to read more.

My Approach

I will be your sounding board, motivator, and partner in business, and help you get the results you want by holding you to account to take action.

The answer to better results is not more books, more information or more self-help programs. It is a real live person that will focus you on what is important to you and help you develop effective strategies and plans, give you perspective into your motives, and unlock your potential. That is what you will get with me.

I focus firstly on the results you are achieving and the goals you want to achieve. Once this is clear I help you make the plans and take the steps towards improved results. You will have a sounding board who will keep you focused on your dreams, your goals and will keep you to account to plan, to lead, and to manage better so that you can have a better life and more successful business.

You can start and plan this for FREE by using my free workshop – just enter your name and e-mail in the form provided at the bottom of this page. Of course, we all want to get ahead, grow, make more profit, have more personal and financial freedom, peace of mind, and success. That’s why my first step is to listen to what’s really important to you, your priorities. Only then do I focus on the system, the habits and the skills to achieve success – all aimed at making sure that you are running the business, not the business running you.

Free Personal Workshop

In all cases I start with a FREE Personal Workshop, so that you can…

Try before you buy – arrange for an initial meeting, followed by a thought-provoking and inspiring Personal Workshop focused on you and your priorities. This may be the start of a rewarding partnership, but there is absolutely no obligation on you, no strings.

What’s the catch? None really – You benefit by getting real value and being challenged to focus and improve your business. I benefit by being given the opportunity to demonstrate how I actually perform – a real win-win result. More about the workshop on the  FREE workshop page.

Who I am & My No-Contract, No Upfront Payments Approach

At this point you are probably thinking… Who it this guy? Can I trust him? Can I work with him? What can he really offer?

I have been consulting and coaching since 1997. I do not require a long term contract. No-one is ever expected to pre-pay for my services. I keep clients by giving them value, and being committed to their success. My services are paid for monthly, no pre-payments, no contracts, no strings attached. You get the best testimonial of all – your own, by judging the value you get from the workshop. The workshop will show what I offer, and you can decide whether you can work with me based on actual experience, not promises.

THAT IS THE FIRST STEP – A FREE WORKSHOP. I will contact you and discuss what you want to achieve during this workshop, and then arrange for a suitable time to conduct it.

Nothing to pay – even if you want to. Better than any Money Back Guarantee

I am not going to ask you to pay anything or sign up for any paid service here. Evaluate what I have to offer and then contact me, by requesting the FREE workshop.

How Much?

Depending on your requirements and how the service is delivered this will be from $397 to $1,497 (NZD) per month.

Free Resources

You can also download my free training and videos, called the Business Achievement and Success Challenge. You are welcome to look at this and you can even use that as a basis for the free workshop. Thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.  Complete the form now. Why wait?