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Free Training from Harry – a five part course covering buisness planning, goals, staying positive and developing sound habits and systems

Get training, online coaching and a systematic method for improvement and success in business.

Set clear targets: Profit, Sales, Customers, Products & Services.

“Challenge your thinking and amplify your strengths.  Break through obstacles and unleash your full potential.  Influence everyone in your business to achieve more, starting with yourself”…  Harry Touzel

Free Training and Videos

The bulls-eye in the dart board is like profit in a business, requiring the use of all your capabilities to hit the target

In a game of darts the focus may be on hitting the bulls-eye, but!… the focus is on the tools (darts), skills and techniques that will make the dart fly right where it is intended.
In the game of business the target is profit, closely followed by sales, customers, products & services. It takes marketing, sales, systems, good personal habits, skills, staying organised, managing and leading and much more. Profit is the target, but how it is achieved should be the focus.

Download the FREE Business Achievement and Success Challenge and get training, online coaching and a systematic method to:

  • Set Goals for Profit, Sales, to Customer to Products & Services
  • Decide how to Lead and Manage to Achieve Success
  • Develop the Habits, Systems and get the Support that will achieve your Goals
  • Maintain a Positive and Optimistic outlook
  • Keep Balanced

You get a workbook and 5 accompanying instructional videos. The first one deals with the same issues that I address when I meet a person for the first time. The others concentrate on typical issues that I would tackle during regular coaching sessions:

#1 Vision, goals, strategy, planning, organising
#2 Habits, Systems, Support
#3 Environment, Scheduling/project management
#4 Maintaining Hope, Optimism, Happiness and balance
#5 Final reflective questions

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